Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Layout

This is for you, Jaime, for admitting publicly (okay semi-publicly) your love (okay enforced knowledge of) Star Trek: TNG. Hopefully it's kinder to your eyes ;).


  1. OOh I used to watch that show every day in school. I even have a book called the Nitpickers Guide to the Galaxy in which every episode is combed over for any and all mistakes. Ahhh youth:)
    Troi and her lovely mom were my favorite, did you know that Wesley had a voice cameo in the new movie? He dubbed voices for members of the Romulan crew.

  2. Wow Ash, yay for ST:TNG nerd-dom!!! I had no idea Wesley had a voice cameo in the new movie! My fave character was Dr. Crusher :).

  3. I loved the polka-dots, but they would imprint themselves on my eyes for a full minute even after I switched screens! This one is cute, too : )